Fast, embeddable genome visualization


Biodalliance is a fast, interactive, genome visualization tool that's easy to embed in web pages and applications. It supports integration of data from a wide variety of sources, and can load data directly from popular genomics file formats including bigWig, BAM, and VCF. This means you can build a fully-featured genome browser, such as the example on this page, using only a standard web server and a directory full of files — no databases or server-side support code are needed.


July 2014 Discuss Dalliance at BOSC 2014

8 May Dalliance 0.12 is released with support for plain BED, WIG, and VCF files, and substantial performance improvements.

2 February Dalliance 0.11 is released with VCF support, a new track editor, and many other improvements. See the release notes for details.

15 October Dalliance 0.10 is released with mostly-complete support for UCSC-style track hubs, and substantial user-interface improvements. See the release notes for more details.

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